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Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC

…independent, fee only, professional financial planning and asset management…

For many financially sophisticated individuals and business owners, personal and business obligations often do not allow the necessary time for the pursuit of investment goals. Others find that the complexity of a situation delays the planning process. Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC, an independent wealth management firm, can help you through the planning process to the implementation of your specific plan.

…extensive planning experience…

Pacesetter Financial Group, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, was started in 1997 to augment the financial planning services of J. M. Abbott & Associates Ltd., Certified Public Accountants. The owners of J. M. Abbott & Associates found that their clients needed, and asked for, specific independent financial advice…thus the formation of Pacesetter Financial Group.

The extensive experience of the Certified Public Accountants associated with J.M. Abbott & Associates provides for the comprehensive income tax planning, estate tax planning, retirement planning, and charitable planning necessary in today’s complex financial environment. Coupled with this extensive financial planning is the fee-only asset management offered through Pacesetter Financial Group.

We work with other professionals to bring the best wealth managment plan together for you. Attorneys, insurance agents, and pension consultants are all available to aid in the planning process.

…wealth management…

We target asset allocation among various asset classes, based upon the risk you are able and willing to accept. We utilize low cost, institutional class, no-load mutual funds for investing, wherever possible. We also take income tax efficiency into consideration for our taxable portfolios.

If after looking around you would like more information, feel free to send us an e-mail or call us.